Mage: The Streets of San Francisco


Peter Brown is tasked with finding the heir to the Chase Industries-fortune, Simon Chase. He tracks him across the globe, to Mongolia, where he lives in a monastery, making a living by fixing air conditioners and selling faulty, jury-rigged hypertech to the Chinese army. Brown helps Chase escape from the military and they return to San Fransisco, where one of Chase’s father’s old invention, stored in his sealed laboratory in the Chantry house, seems to be counting downwards. But to what?
They follow a bread-crumb trail of tech back to the derelict Chase Industries compound, where the mother device is stored, and discover that it is tracking a coming temporal event. In fact, they can already detect ripples of the oncoming event, and use that information to track it to the predicted location.

They find a young man time-travelled from 80’s London, and manage to spirit him away before Technocratic agents show up. Now they need to figure out why the young man, Gilbert, has been sent forwards in time, and what the implications of this is.



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