Simon Chase

Recovering playboy, billionaire industrialist heir and super scientist


Sons of Ether


Simon Chase grew up in an environment coloured by Tradition politics, experimental and unstable sciences, and constant adventuring, courtesy of his father, world-famous industrialist, advenyturer and futurist Cornelius P. Chase, infamous defector from the Technocracy, and controversial member of the Sons of Ether.

Simon began studies at MIT at the age of 14, and continued to briefly study at various prestigious schools and colleges, finishing little, and usually leaving in disgrace, including an aborted internship at CERN. He has begun, but not completed, doctorates in Applied Quantum Nuclear Science, Theoretical Wavelength Conversion and Polarity Reversal of Neutron Flows with the Sons of Ether, and is regarded as a prodigy and brilliant intellect, his failures generally seen as immaturity and laziness.

After a long period of debauchery and back packing, Chase was tracked down at a temple in Nepal by Peter Brown from the Hermetic Chantry of Elucidated Brethren in San Fransisco. It appears his father has been missing for many years, and Simon has to fill his shoes…

Simon Chase

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